As a company, we at C.R. Meyer have had a longstanding respect for the services provided by Baisch.

—Construction Manager, C.R. Meyer


How We Work

We Plan. 

We’re fanatical about documentating existing conditions because we know that this can eliminate surprises, avoid rework and reduce change orders.

We Accommodate. 

We adapt to clients’ drawing standards, project formats, and ways of doing business.  We’re not hindered by changing project definitions, priorities, scopes or schedules – we simply work efficiently to make the right adjustments.  We’re flexible!

We Communicate.

Our team talks openly and often and provides the right level of detail and documentation.  We keep productivity high and costs in line by integrating input from the vendor, contractor, and owner.

We Participate.

Many get Baisch involved in their projects from the start, even before the project is approved and as early as the funding stage.  We’re often involved at the development stage and can support projects to conclusion, whether it is a small upgrade, a large greenfield project or anything in between.