Baisch has exceeded my expectations with their design work, timely delivery of materials, and has done so at reasonable rates. There have been various times I needed Baisch’s help with my customers after hours and on weekends and our project manager has been there for us with a positive response without fail.  I would highly recommend Baisch to any prospective client.

—Managing Director, Omni Sulphur LLC


Job Openings

HVAC Designer

Piping Designer


Baisch Values and Beliefs

Several years ago we began an internal program to identify what we determined to be the Baisch Values and Beliefs. This was done in order to confirm what is important to us, preserve our tradition, and ensure the continuity of our company into the future.

Committed, Connected Relationships

  • Honest, constructive, and timely feedback is critical
  • Successes and failures are shared by the team
  • It is our responsibility to challenge the client and each other
  • Conflict is a normal and essential part of a committed relationship
  • People grow from struggle; we are here to support each other

Embrace the Challenge

  • Be positive; there is always a solution
  • Challenge is an opportunity to learn and grow
  • Virtually all problems can be solved with perseverance
  • As a team, we can accomplish anything

Offer Solutions, Not Barriers

  • We are in this together; each team member’s ideas count
  • There is always a solution; team collaboration is key to solving complex problems
  • The solution may be found by re-defining the problem
  • Communication is key; clearly express expectations

Take Ownership: Get it Done or Ask for Help

  • The team will not succeed if I do not complete my tasks
  • You are responsible for completing your task; rely on your team to help solve problems
  • We have shared ownership of the overall project success