Baisch Engineering specializes in providing full-service integration engineering to pulp and paper and general industrial clients worldwide. Our disciplines work seamlessly to produce creative, client-focused, and cost-effective solutions. With a working history beginning in 1958, we possess the expertise of a large firm as well as the whatever-it-takes attitude of a small operation.

We are a committed team, through and through. Whether it’s going above and beyond on a job site or helping a coworker with a flat tire in the parking lot, we seek opportunities to make each others’ lives a little easier.  Maybe it’s just how our parents raised us, or maybe it’s built into the Baisch culture – we go above and beyond for the greater good of the team.

Baisch Engineering - Our Industry


Pulp & Paper: From the beginning, our work has focused on aspects of Pulp and Paper, with opportunities to deliver an array of successful projects to most of the major manufacturers in the industry. We offer a wide range of experiences for client needs including the application of current technology for recycling and post-industrial waste paper processing.

General Industrial: We apply our knowledge of facility planning and feasibility studies into all aspects of our ventures, detailing the design, management, and sub-specialties offered. This toolbox of skills permeates, spanning across industries and projects for our diverse group of clientele.

Innovation is not only possible, but a promise when you choose Baisch.



Civil/Structural/Architectural: From site development services to building design, structural expertise to process equipment foundations, our strengths rest in the documentation and creativity processes that drive our installations.


Mechanical: Our team of Engineers have skills and are savvy with technological alternatives for anticipating client challenges and finding the strongest assets to impact their vision.


Electrical: Our engineering capability is comprehensive, spanning every aspect of industrial power distribution systems. AC/DC drive systems, motors/controls, lighting and utilities- you name it.

Process Control

Process Control: We design and develop successful systems for the full spectrum of our projects. We apply industry-proven measurement and control devices to ensure accurate oversight of progression.

Project Management

Project Management: We stay on top of all aspects of creation and implementation for our clients, maintaining pace and continuity.


BIM: Baisch utilizes several 3D Building Information Modeling (BIM) software applications to fully integrate our engineering design efforts. Our workflow typically begins with the development of the 3D model with a collaborative effort between the building superstructure and equipment General Arrangements utilizing both Autodesk’s Revit and Plant 3D software applications.

Everyone is open in sharing their experience with anyone that needs help.

Mike Healy - Baisch Engineering

Mike Healy
Electrical Engineer


We have time-tested methods to execute operations perfectly for you. Each project we undertake receives the full weight of our experience.

Planning: We will work closely with your team to determine the best course of action for your projects.

Estimation: We analyze goals and budgets to give you a clear picture of the road ahead.

Design: We bring your vision to life, tackling any challenges that arise.

Support: Our job isn’t done until you are not only operational but completely comfortable with your new system.

Trust Baisch to Deliver.​


We believe that our effectiveness is driven by our values. We are singularly determined to provide authentic experiences to you through a service-focused mentality.

Committed, Connected Relationships

Committed, Connected Relationships: Honest, constructive feedback. Challenge each other.

Embrace the Challenge

Embrace the Challenge: Own the challenge. As a team, we can accomplish anything.

Offer Solutions, Not Barriers

Offer Solutions, Not Barriers: Let's make this work. Team Collaboration.

Take Ownership

Take Ownership: Complete my tasks. I got this.