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Baisch is a full-service engineering firm, committed to taking a collaborative approach to the creative process. We deliver innovative solutions that are always on schedule and within budget.

We don’t subscribe to the concept of “Good Enough”. Some believe that perfection is unattainable, but aiming for anything lower is unacceptable. Aiming too high and falling short is far better than aiming too low and achieving only what’s easy. Not only can “Good Enough” thinking lead to uninspired, mediocre results, but it can trickle into the attention given to safety measures, which can lead to accidents. We apply a keen attention to detail to each step of the process.

Our Industry

Pulp & Paper: Our Engineering department began with Pulp and Paper in 1958, and it continues to be our lifeblood. We are known for delivering successful projects to major manufacturers without fail. We are proficient with a wide variety of paper grades and apply current technology across the board for our clients’ needs.

General Industrial: Over the years, we have executed studies and projects for a diverse group of clients. We apply multidisciplinary skills to facility planning, feasibility studies, detailed design, project management, and many sub-specialties.

It’s a great working environment. If I don’t have the answer, I can collaborate with other team members to come up with a solution.

Scott Balthazor - Baisch Engineering

Scott Balthazor
Process Control Specialist

Our Services

Civil/Structural/Architectural: From site development services to building design, structural expertise to process equipment foundations, our strengths rest in the documentation and creativity processes that drive our installations.

Structural & Architectural Design
Building Renovation
Equipment Foundations
Building Design & Code Compliance
Existing Building Evaluation
Floors & Mezzanines
Site Selection, Analysis & Design
Access Platforms & Stairs
Frame Structural Analysis

Process/Mechanical: Our engineers have the skills to evaluate technological alternatives and assess how they’ll impact existing equipment and procedures. Attention to detail and the ability to anticipate challenges (before they become costly problems) makes us a valuable asset on the project team.

Process Simulation
Process Evaluation
Piping Design
HVAC, Air Handling & Dust Control
Equipment Specs
Plant-Balanced Process Model
Material Handling
Steam System Modeling
Operations & Maintenance Access

Electrical: Our comprehensive engineering proficiency is comprised of designing industrial power distribution systems. This incorporates AC and DC drive systems, motors and their controls, lighting, and utilities.

Power Distribution
Motor Control
AC/DC Variable Speed Drives
Grounding & Protection
Cable Tray Systems
Facility Utilities & Lighting
UPS Standby Power
Power Systems Analysis

Process Control: Properly applied industry-proven measurement and regulation devices are the basis of an accurately controlled routine. We have extensive experience designing and developing successful systems and are at the forefront of applying state-of-the-art instrumentation to the full spectrum of our projects.

Process Control Development
Control System Architecture
Logic Development
Design Field Devices (Valves, Transmitters)
Control Logic/Programming
Operator Screen Development
Programming & Software
Checkout & Startup

Project Management: Construction delays and unscheduled downtime can undermine a project’s schedule, cost, and ongoing operations. Maintaining the continuity from design through construction helps ensure the success of a project.

Project Schedule Monitoring
Document Coordination
Project Website Hosting
Record Drawings
Procurement Services
Shutdown Schedule Planning
Checkout & Startup Support
Project Closeout Document Review

BIM: Baisch utilizes several 3D Building Information Modeling (BIM) software applications to fully integrate our engineering design efforts. Our workflow typically begins with the development of the 3D model with a collaborative effort between the building superstructure and equipment General Arrangements utilizing both Autodesk’s Revit and Plant 3D software applications.

Model Setup
Master Model Management
Point Cloud Scanning
Surface Recognition Modeling
Existing Building Documentation
Clash Detection and Reporting
Establish Coordinate System

Choose Baisch for an honest and authentic experience with real people who truly care about the final product.

Our Process

Project Planning: Through pre-project consultation, we define your proposed scope, review and select the correct technology, and provide an initial estimate for you. We use preliminary feasibility studies to shape definitions for budget, building, equipment needs, scheduling, and capital investment percentages.

Define Project Objectives
Site Definition
Technology Review & Selection
Preliminary Scope Definition
Ballpark Investment Estimate
Clarified Objectives & Scope
Preliminary Building Definition
Process Block Flow Diagram
Budget Capital Estimate
Budget Pricing-Major Equipment
Ancillary Equipment Estimates
Preliminary Schedule
Building & Construction Estimates

Estimation: Finalizing the scope and illustrating the process allows us to finalize the budget and give you a true picture of the investment needed for your project.

Revise Objectives & Schedule
Technology Review & Selection
Building Definition
Preliminary Process P&IDs
Preliminary Equipment List
Firm Pricing for Major Equipment
Budget Pricing for Ancillary Equipment
Building & Construction Estimates
Capital Estimate

Design: We bring your vision to life and adjust to unforeseen challenges as needed. We are always prepared for the unexpected, so you don’t have to be.

Project Management
Schedule & Budget Monitoring
Building & Foundations
Equipment Layout
Process Balance & Simulation
Final P&IDs
Piping & Cable Tray Runs
Control & Instrumentation
Power/Utilities Distribution
Effluent & Waste Treatment
Offices/Personnel Facilities
Site Development

Support: Our work doesn’t stop when the assignment is completed. We see our job as doing whatever-it-takes to get you completely comfortable with your new system.

Field Construction Support
Operator Training
Engineering Checkout
Construction Checkout
Commissioning & Startup Support
Process & Control Updates
Modifications & Expansions
Ongoing Support
Record Drawings

We specialize in problem solving. By working together, our team is able to solve very unique and complex problems in a dynamic and fast-paced environment. It's rewarding to be a part of such a cohesive and talented team.

Lee St. Aubin - Baisch Engineering

Lee St. Aubin