National Engineers Week
Feb 21, 2022

National Engineers Week

February 20 – 26, 2022 marks National Engineers Week. Baisch is proud of the service and skills we bring to our customers on large and small projects.

Baisch would like to share a little bit about why some of our team members got into engineering, how they decided what area to specialize in and why they feel their jobs are exciting.

The reasons our team members got into engineering range from liking math and science, wanting to know how things worked, and more personal reasons.

Darin Riggleman shares, “My father was a Civil Engineer and I watched him and wanted to do what he did.”

Pat Radish wanted to make a difference by solving complex problems in our complex world. Don Lee’s introduction to building competition robots helped steer him to a career in electrical engineering.

Choosing a discipline may seem like a daunting task, but not to some team members! Todd Hengel chose Process Controls when, as a co-op student, he was assigned to a team that was designing a factory with every function completed by a robot.

“I enjoy the larger scale projects.” says Sam Kacena, Civil Engineer. “Having the opportunity to work on projects designing large buildings, roads, and bridges is motivating and it is rewarding to see projects through, from start to finish.”

What keeps our Baisch team members coming back to work in their chosen engineering role every day? Most indicated working through a problem or learning something and teaching someone else that skill rate high on why they love their jobs. Some are more specific like Myshelle Roesken who shared, “I love learning about all of the different components involved in making paper products.”

Mike Vandermuss enjoys working with our teams to solve our clients’ problems. Vandermuss says, “There is a ton of satisfaction in taking ownership of a problem and providing a solution that ensures our clients’ future success.”

It’s clear our engineering staff have found careers they enjoy. “Our team has a love of problem solving and working with clients in a very interactive way.”  states Todd Van Gompel, President of Baisch.  “I love working with our incredibly talented team on projects that make our clients a Raging Success.  Thank you, Baisch Engineering team, for making our culture so GREAT!

Located in Kaukauna, Wisconsin, Baisch employs over 80 team members. We are proud to provide SERVICE BEYOND SOLUTIONS to our clients.