New In-House Laser Scanning Capabilities
Sep 8, 2021

New In-House Laser Scanning Capabilities



Baisch Engineering is excited to announce a new in-house capability! We now provide scanning services with our very own X7 Scanner. This allows us to integrate existing condition documentation into our projects for enhanced model coordination.

The X7 Scanner has an average accuracy of under 2mm, allowing us to create an accurate, as-built 3D image of an existing facility. We then integrate that data directly into our models.

Providing this service to our clients streamlines the process and makes laser scanning a more economical option. The increased efficiency allows Baisch to offer scanning services on smaller projects and supports our field work to help reduce our time on-site. Additionally, we will be able to offer stand-alone scanning services, outside of our typical project-related work.

Please contact us today to learn more about how our Laser Scanning capabilities will benefit you.

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