Sharpen Your Pencils
Mar 9, 2023

Sharpen Your Pencils

According to, the modern pencil was first mass-produced in 1662. The history of the pencil spans centuries of improvements including the move to graphite, encasing the lead in wood and more. While Baisch’s 65th anniversary certainly doesn’t date back THAT far, pencils were (and still are) an important part of the engineering world.

The drawing tools for engineers have certainly changed from mechanical lead inserted pencils which you had to resharpen continuously, to mechanical pencils with a specific lead diameter. From there, the change went to ink pens of different diameters to produce thin, medium and fat lines to the CAD imaginary lines defined by various colors which our printers decoded to produce drawings on printers.

Today you will see our engineers, designers and drafters in front of their computer screens more often than not. But their desks are full of papers, pens and pencils as they review drawings and plans and embrace the challenge of every project.