Show Your Appreciation
Nov 30, 2022

Show Your Appreciation

As we approach the holiday season, it is an easy time to show our appreciation to others. We buy the perfect gifts for loved ones, look for unique items for teachers, coaches and coworkers and in the business world we take a moment to thank our clients and partners for their past and future collaborations with us.

Employers may host a holiday party, give Christmas gifts to employees or there may even be an end of year bonus. Baisch is similar in many ways; we host a Christmas party, we have a week’s worth of fun activities for team members, and we collect donations for local charities.

However, Baisch has some things we do a little different. The fun events mentioned above are not only during this season but year-round (check out our social media pages to keep up to date!). Employees used their volunteer time off to give back to the community throughout the year. Team leads and coworkers are quick to say, “Thank you” and “Great job”. Sometimes team members find a personalized note in their mailbox or on their desk. Todd Van Gompel, President of Baisch, recently sent a company-wide email that started with “Thank you for being great at your jobs” and “Thank you for always having our client’s best interest at heart.”

The holiday season is a great reminder to say thank you to family, coworkers, clients – everyone in your life. Baisch challenges you to take it a step farther. Show your appreciation and thanks to people in your life ALL YEAR. Here are some ideas and tips to get you started:

  1. A personalized notecard mailed to a client to thank them for a new project or congratulating them on a recent completed project.
  2. A note on LinkedIn offering congratulations on a new job.
  3. When a coworker or employee does something nice or goes above and beyond, a quick email, note or candy bar on their desk to say thank you is much appreciated.
  4. Mark your calendar with a reminder to reach out with that appreciation method.

There is never a wrong time to show your appreciation, and with that we say, thank you for following Baisch on social media, and reading our blog! We appreciate you!

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