The Evolution of Engineering Drawings
Sep 15, 2023

The Evolution of Engineering Drawings

When Baisch opened in 1958, engineering drawings were completed manually on paper, vellum, mylar or another substance. They were drawn using pencils, pens, rulers, T-squares, erasers and a host of other tools. Drawings were done on drafting boards or tables. Imagine the amount of office space required for every engineer to have a drafting table and all their tools. Drafting machines were used to combine manual drawing boards, pantographs etc. into an integrated drawing.


With the invention of CAD (Computer-Aided Design), the need for manual drawings drastically declined. CAD drawings were printed on plotters, a machine that produced vector drawings. These printers often jumped from one area to another, drawing lines and adding dots. In the 1980s, laser printers eliminated the use of plotters. Today, large format inkjet printers are used most often when printing is required.


With current technology, drawings are produced and saved as electronic documents to be shared without printing. What an incredible change over the last 65 years!