The Progression of Pay Day
Jul 10, 2023

The Progression of Pay Day

The world has changed drastically in the last 65 years. Items such as Cocoa Krispies, Diet Rite, Goldfish, the Hula Hoop, JIF Peanut Butter and Mr. Clean were introduced in 1958, the same year Baisch Engineering opened.

Some practices from years ago seem crazy in today’s world. Smoking in the office was permitted and no one thought twice about it. Some offices had alcoholic beverages to enjoy at the end of the day with coworkers. Open workspaces were the norm; cubicle walls emerged in the last 65 years. No one worked at home and if you wanted to get paid, there was no computer system to put your time in.

While going through files, we found a previous employee’s time sheets from 1984 and an expense report from 1996. Employees recorded their time by hand, on a sheet of paper created on a typewriter, and turned it in monthly to be paid. By 1996, forms were printed on carbonless copy paper but were still filled out by hand. Taxes were figured out by a chart.

Today, time sheets are completed through a program found on computers at our desk, or even through an app on our phones. Receipts are attached to our expense report by taking a picture with our phones. Pay day is no longer monthly and line items such as taxes are automatically figured by the payroll program. What a time saver!

Many things get better with time and Baisch is definitely one of them. For more history of Baisch, check out our online timeline.